Commissioner Kyriakidou referred to the contribution of Europa Donna Cyprus

The European Union’s initiatives and plans for the fight against cancer, but also the effort to recognize the “right to be forgotten” for cancer patients in all Member States, said Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakidou in a message on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Europa Donna Of Cyprus, of which she was the President before her appointment to the Commission.

Commissioner Kyriakidou described today as a historic date for her personally as well as “for thousands of women and many men in Cyprus”, and noted that the course of Europa Donna Cyprus can be measured through the stories of women who “received support , Answers and Information on Breast Cancer in the Last Two Decades “.

As he stressed, the course of the organization is a separate part of its own course, both as a patient “and as a competitor in this course”.

The important thing, according to the Commissioner, is that Europa Donna Cyprus gave voice to women and men, overcame prejudices and focused on preventive control, early diagnosis and equal access to treatment.

“Today we celebrate what has been achieved but we also pay tribute and recognition to those who took part in this great journey. For their commitment, their determination, their dedication but also their bravery. “Whether he is with us today or not,” he stressed.

Regarding the EU policy for the fight against cancer, Ms. Kyriakidou noted that the organization and its members have contributed significantly since the beginning of the effort.

The plan, he added, “is our renewed commitment to the prevention, treatment and quality of life of cancer patients” and consists of actions that will work directly or indirectly to prevent or treat breast cancer, such as updating the recommendation of the Commission on cancer screening and the European Cancer Code, as well as the establishment of a European network of specialized cancer centers.

EU initiatives also include joint action on HPV vaccination and the creation of a cancer inequality register.

Commissioner Kyriakidou referred, among other things, to the “right to oblivion” that concerns people who have gone through cancer, and in particular the right to “access to financial services without discrimination”, as she stressed.

“We already have examples of countries such as Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Italy that have legally secured this right,” said Ms. Kyriakidou, adding that Luxembourg “has also concluded a special contract with insurance companies.” companies to have access to insurance for cancer patients who have recovered “.

This right, Ms. Kyriakidou continued, is enshrined in other Member States through anti-discrimination legislation, while the European Parliament is moving in the same direction, calling on the Member States to include the “right to be forgotten” in their national laws. and guarantee it by 2025 at the latest for all cancer patients ten years after the end of their treatment and five years later for people diagnosed before 18.

“So we must all together claim, with one voice, this right for all women with breast cancer,” said Ms. Kyriakidou, recalling that Europa Donna Cyprus is focused first and foremost on the future.

“I look forward to continuing this journey with you. In carrying out even more marches with our pink figures “, he noted.

“Today, I’m really happy to be joining my own voice with yours and that of so many other women across Europe.”

Source: KYPE

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