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The advantageous Ventum VT4V model is one of the great cabinets that scores above all with high-quality workmanship, taking into account the price. It freezes some details, but makes the price forget everything.

1 The case is one of the more compact models in its category, but you can easily place an ATX board, longer graphics cards and still have enough space to handle other components. At the same time, it is satisfactorily strong and no sheets or other components twist anywhere. The processing is very good. In addition to the tested black color, a white model is also available.

2 The side panel consists of tempered glass, thanks to which you can show off your illuminated hardware. The glass is fixed in the traditional way, ie by screwing in four screws at the corners. I would much rather see another system here (eg snap-in) where the glass is not weakened. Although the glass is tempered, there is still a better chance of a broken hole, for example, if it accidentally falls out during assembly.

3 The front side consists of an impressive perforated plate, which reveals the three front fans that are supplied in the cabinet. They also provide backlighting – they work in RGB mode.

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