Contact details for on-call staff physician services for the weekend

The Health Insurance Organization informs about the contact details of the on-call personal physician (PI) services for Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August 2022 per province. The information was posted on the GeSY website as well as on the Agency’s official social media accounts.

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The OAU notes that the contact information for PI on-call services will be adjusted on a weekly basis and posted.

The announcement reminds that the on-call services of a personal physician are provided to adults and children who are beneficiaries of the NHS on weekends and holidays and include the provision of health care for emergency problems such as the acute onset of alarming symptoms, sudden and severe pain, worsening symptoms of a serious chronic illness, high fever accompanied by other symptoms. Beneficiaries should not turn to PI on-call services for pre-existing medical conditions, issuance of repeated prescriptions, issuance of referrals to other services of the NHS or in cases where they do not have the time to visit their Personal Physician, it is added.

For their service, the beneficiaries contact the PI emergency services of their province by telephone during the hours of operation of the emergency services. After assessing the health problem, an appointment is arranged during the day and during the opening hours of the on-call services. It is emphasized that, in order to properly serve the beneficiaries, the services operate only with scheduled appointments.

Source: KYPE

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