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A group of Colombian students designed some natural panels with the idea of ​​mitigating the strong heat that is felt in your school, but that could calmly be applied in homes and any country with this type of problem.

The project is called CoolRoof, and allows the insulation of a space to protect from heat. For this, it is necessary to plant plants in certain spaces and place them strategically on the ceilings of the rooms. This is how they become natural barriers of temperature and other environmental conditions.

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The students belong to a school in the department of Cesar, in Colombia, reported. They won Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow – Solutions for the Future – 2022 contest.

“(We were inspired) by the desperation of the community and of our colleagues due to the high temperatures in which we have to receive classes daily,” said Ana María Charris. She is one of the project participants.

And it is that Colombia is characterized by its high temperatures. according to the newspaper, the town El Difficil manages to exceed 40 degrees. For this reason, solutions such as the CoolRoof project become an alternative.

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