Covered with .. remote control the license plates of his car (pics)

Following information given to the Police by a TOM Officer that a specific vehicle had a mechanism that concealed its registration plates, members of the OPOD Headquarters stopped shortly after midnight today, on the Limassol-Nicosia highway, before the exit of the GSP, the said vehicle. .

From examinations that followed, it was found that the vehicle had a system which, using a remote control, covered its registration plates with a black background, so that they are not recognizable.

The vehicle was confiscated for further inspection by TOM engineers and police experts, while crimes against the 26-year-old driver are being investigated based on the Traffic Regulations.

The Police warns the citizens that after the location of the specific vehicle, the checks related to such offenses will be extended, while the offenders will be brought before a Court.

The penalties for these offenses provide for imprisonment and / or a fine.

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