Total madness.  The Galax GeForce RTX 4090 HOF requires eight connectors and swallows 1000W

At the beginning of November, we informed you that a very specialized GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card model from Galax within the HOF series is coming to the market. The fact that the card has two 16-pin connectors, and thus requires eight eight-pin PCI Express connectors, indicates that the power options will be very above standard for extreme OC. This model has already reached the hands of the first fans of overclocking using liquid nitrogen, and new records are set in the world.

The record frequency of 3825 MHz for the main chip was achieved by the OGS team, which works directly for Galax OC Lab. However, it must be added that it was not possible to stably pass all types of tests at this frequency. For example, GPUPi to one billion decimal places was successfully completed at 3.825 GHz (time 857 ms), to 32 billion places but it was already necessary to reduce the frequency to 3.78 GHz (time 48 seconds).

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The 3DMac tests were performed with a maximum frequency of around 3.7 GHz, as well as Catzilla and Superposition 8K at 3.66 GHz. An overview of all and links can be found at Videocardz website.

The most popular GeForce RTX 4090

Another popular GeForce RTX 4090

In all cases, of course, this means new world records, which will probably be impossible to beat with another model that has only one power connector. But we can count on the fact that future attempts with the same model from Galax will be even more successful and perhaps even break the 4 GHz barrier on the main graphics chip.

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