The chain can come off the wheels.  Futuristic bicycle drive concept to go into production

His name is Recon GMC Hummer EV AWD and it is a collaboration between the American electric bike manufacturer Recon and the GMC car company, which owns the iconic Hummer brand. It once became famous thanks to “indestructible” army all-terrain vehicles, which it also began to sell to ordinary civilians. However, it gradually added equipment and comfort, and today’s Hummers have little in common with the original Spartan Humvee.

The new bike refers to the Hummer EV SUV/Pickup. They are united by robustness, uncompromising cross-country ability, some design elements, color design and all-wheel drive (AWD = all wheel drive).

The maximum speed is 48 km/h, the range is up to 80 kilometers, but this of course depends on the mode in which you drive and, above all, how difficult the terrain is. The two motors have a power of 750 watts each, the gears were supplied by Shimano, the brakes are four-piston. In combination with fat bike tires, the bike can handle mud, sand and snow.

Are you interested? The bike will cost $4,000 (about 112,000 crowns) and deliveries will begin in January. For now, however, only the American market is considered.


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