Cyprus and Turkey's demands in Karoyan's meeting with the UK High Commissioner

Particular emphasis was placed on the Cyprus issue and the prolonged deadlock with Turkey’s new unacceptable, illegal and non-territorial demands, for separate sovereignty and a two-state solution, at the formal meeting of the President of the Democratic Party – Cooperation, Mario Karoyan, with the new High Commissioner of the United Kingdom Vassiliou in Cyprus, Irfan Siddiq.

In a statement, DIPA states that Mr. Karoyan explained his positions to the High Commissioner and reaffirmed the party’s commitment to the agreed basis for a solution to the Cyprus problem, within the framework of the UN Security Council resolutions, with full use of the European acquis.

In addition, current topical issues with the war in Ukraine, as a result of the Russian invasion, and the overall impact on the international security system and global economy were discussed at length.

Furthermore, issues of bilateral relations were discussed and the need to further strengthen relations between the two countries was emphasized.

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