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Technology offers us many opportunities, even simple distraction. This is the case of Dall-E Mini, which is being used by more and more Internet users to create fun images, combining different ideas and the Artificial intelligence.

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Although it is a popular and freely available version, unlike the DALL-E 2, the Dall-E Mini does not have all the features. This adaptation was created by OpenAI (GitHub).

How does it work? To test the artificial intelligence system, you must first access the space created for the program demonstration (). Then a short description of what is expected to be reproduced should be written in English. The purpose is to be very specific so that problems with the algorithm are not generated.

Different ideas can be combined, such as imagining the drawing of a dog in the style of a painter or using a technological product. You can even play with the image of well-known characters. The new Dall-E Mini model was developed by Boris Dayma, with open source.

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