Did you fall into “fake news”?  How to check if a photo is real or part of a fake news on the Internet

Photographs are the easiest way to prove the information that is being given, especially on the Internet. However, when it comes to informing ourselves, we must check if these images really represent the news we are reading or if it is just part of what is called “fake news”.

Google images allows us to find photos of whatever we are looking for. This tool not only helps us to locate them, but also to access the information behind them: publication dates, news that the photo contained, web pages that published it, size in pixels, among others.

Namely, through Google we can verify if a photograph is real or if it is part of a fake news on the Internet. This is very important, because many times we can fall into the “fake news”, because the way of treating the information is similar to that of journalists and the image is the “irrefutable proof”. Nevertheless, we have to verify that the source is reliable.

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How do I check if a photo is part of “fake news” with Google?

1. If you found the photo, just click right click and choose the option ‘Search with Google Lens’. This will open a panel on the right where you will be shown the visual matches on web pages. In case you do not find any, but you still fear that the news is false, you can go down in the panel to find the following: “Haven’t found what you were looking for? try again with Google images”. Below that, there will be a ‘Try it’ button, which will direct you to a new tab in your browser and will show you all the similar photos, with detailed information about them.

2. The other way is to use Google Images directly. After heading to this tool, press the button with the camera. It will ask you to enter the URL of the image or upload it from your device. After doing one of these steps, it will show you all the similar photos, just like in the first way.

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