Discussions on the sixth package of sanctions against Russia continue on Friday

Representatives of the 27 member states held bilateral consultations in Brussels on Thursday as part of discussions on the sixth package of sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, which includes a phasing out of Russian crude and refined oil imports into the EU. .

The Permanent Representatives will continue the discussion at a COREPER meeting, which will start at 10:30 Cyprus time (9:30 local time).

One of the disputes that is being discussed, as informed by KYPE, concerns the issue raised by Greece, Cyprus and Malta, regarding the effects that the ban on the transportation of crude oil will have on the shipping of these countries, in which it is an important sector. of the economy.

According to information published by the Politico news website, the proposal submitted by the Commission concerns not only a ban on the import of oil, but also a ban on its transport by vessels flying the flag of an EU Member State.

Another point of the proposals concerning Cyprus is related to the prohibition of any offer of services (such as insurance) for the transportation of Russian oil.

Also, Hungary and Slovakia believe, according to the same reports, that even with the exceptions proposed for the two countries as dependent on Russian oil, the embargo will disproportionately affect them if the proposed timetable is met.

The sixth package of sanctions also includes new entries in the list of targeted restrictive measures, which, according to the Guardian, also includes Patriarch of Moscow Kirill. The commission is also proposing to cut Sberbank, Russia’s largest, from the Swift payment system, along with two other major banks, and to ban three Russian channels in the EU.

Source: KYPE

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