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Another modification of the PS5 from DYI Perks reduced the entire console to only two centimeters

Over the life of each game console, Sony has come up with an updated version, which has usually been smaller and more economical as the main chip’s manufacturing technology has improved over the years. In the case of the latest PlayStation 5 model, we haven’t seen anything like it yet, but a handyman from the popular youtube channel DIY Perks has decided not to wait anymore and will make his own version of the PS5 “Slim”.

The PlayStation 5 has standard dimensions of 39 × 26 × 9.2 cm for the digital version without a drive. The goal was to create a chassis with a thickness ideally under 2 cm. The insides of the PS5 suggest that this is possible. The largest thickness is formed by large coolers and an integrated power supply. The chip board itself is already thin, ie after removing the unnecessarily high power connector.

But how to cool everything? Conventional coolers are too thick and this also applies to water blocks. In order to keep the thickness below 2 centimeters, it was necessary to create two thick copper sheets, between which is a board with chips. However, there must be a switchboard and heat-conducting strips inside, and water from water cooling flows through the entire structure at the cut-out points. A thin heatpipe for VRM circuits also had to be used in part.

The cooling itself with the radiator, pump and external source (exchanged for a small server model) are then handled externally. As a result, only a thin version of the PS5 Slim and other components hidden behind the table can be on the table.

The whole project did not go without complications. When first started, there was a temperature problem and the board was unknown, so the PlayStation 5 did not start. On the second try with a new board, DIY has already looked after everything and placed temperature sensors at critical points, even directly within the heat spreader.

Thanks to this, he was able to verify the temperatures of the main chip, memory and power supply circuits (VRM), which were great – 46, 52 and 44 degrees Celsius. In contrast, the standard PS5 has much higher temperatures in these parts – 75, 94 and 71 degrees Celsius.

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