WIFI repeater.  (Photo: Cnet)

Does the sign of Internet reaches your entire home except the rooms you need to connect from? If you have already tried everything and have not had results, it is most likely that you should resort to a repeater or amplifier Wifi.

As its name warns us, It is a device connected to the current that has the objective of taking the Wi-Fi signal it receives and multiplying its power to further extend its coverage. Thus, if you only have internet access to half of your house, by placing a repeater at this point, the equipment will amplify the signal for the other half.

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WIFI repeater. (Photo: Cnet)

What should be taken into account when choosing a repeater?

Normally, our home router supports at least two types of frequency: 2.4GHz and 5GHz, so we would have to acquire a Wi-Fi repeater that also supports these bands, so that it can become, for all purposes, an extension of our home router without limitations. What we must take into account is that the higher the frequency, the lower the power and coverage.

Sometimes, the equipment directly indicates an approximate range of coverage, with which we will know if the area in which we do not have a signal would be covered or not. The usual thing is that Wi-Fi repeaters with greater range have at least one physical antenna deployed outside the device. If it also has several antennas, it means that it can support more bands and that we can orient them to obtain better coverage.

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We must also be aware of the maximum transmission speed. For example, if at home our router offers 600 mbps and the repeater we bought only reaches 100 mbpswe will not take advantage of our connection when we are connected directly to it and not to the router.

Also, consider the maximum number of devices that can be managed at the same time. Typically, the latest models offer an average of 25 devices.

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One last aspect to review is the level of security offered by the Wi-Fi repeater that we are going to buy. The security levels that we can find in routers are the following (from highest to lowest security):

  • WPA2+AES
  • WEP
  • Open network without encryption

At this time, the standard WPA+AES is the most commonIt is among the routers that we have at home, so we should make sure that our future Wi-Fi amplifier is also compatible with it.

However, it should be noted that these amplifying devices are not a panacea. It is important to know that they repeat the signal that reaches them, not the one that the router emits at its origin, so the Wi-Fi loses power as we move away from the router, and if the repeater receives little signal, it will extend a bad signal. quality.

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