Twitch is one of the most popular video game streaming platforms today.

But one thing they forget is that it takes a pc with decent settings to carry out the best live broadcasts and be able to play simultaneously (yes, they are two activities at the same time that can consume more resources).

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For that, we have prepared a recommended PC setup for streamingwhich is highlighted by a thirteenth generation Intel processor, an Nvidia video card with 8 GB of video memory and 16 GB RAM.

Twitch is one of the most popular video game streaming platforms today.


As you remember, depending on what we are going to do, we must prioritize certain elements. If we want video games, we bet on a powerful video card; if we want office automation, a multi-core processor is enough; And if we want streaming, a good processor, RAM memory and also a video card to accompany it.

However, For the preparation of this article we reviewed various stores specialized in the distribution of hardwarein addition to taking into account product launches in the Peruvian market (it is worth knowing what they are and when the latest equipment arrives).

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In turn, a piece of advice that we usually give in these notes is that review the prices of various stores to assess their pricesas well as asking for references and researching the products well.

Figure.  The Peruvian entertainment and media industry will generate US$ 6,624 million by 2026, according to Pwc.  (Photo: Diffusion)

Figure. The Peruvian entertainment and media industry will generate US$ 6,624 million by 2026, according to Pwc. (Photo: Diffusion)

Arming our PC for streaming

To begin with, you have to go for one of the most important objects: the processor (CPU). As we already told you in one previous note, this device is in charge of all the operations of the computer, as if it were a brain or the engine of a car. Next to the video card, it is the most expensive component on the list.

For a PC focused on the theme of streamingwe are going to have a Intel Core i5-13600K, one of the most outstanding of the thirteenth generation of Intel processors due to its quality, performance and price ratio. Your approximate cost: S/.1,550.

Intel Core i5-13600K.

Intel Core i5-13600K.

/ Intel

Now it’s time to select a motherboard. For this PC, we have considered the MSI MAG BB660M Mortar DDR4 (S/.755)in which we will place the CPU, video card, RAM memory and other components.

Accompanying the processor, we include an air cooling system Deepcool AK620 (S/.317) or the AS500 Plus (S/.359).

It is the turn of the video card, the other great protagonist of a PC. There is a wide variety of equipment here (both from AMD, Nvidia and Intel), but we opted for one Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB, by ray-tracing technologies, Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) and the special encoder for live broadcasts NVENC. The equivalent of this card in AMD would be the RX 6700XT.

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MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Gaming X 8GB.

MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Gaming X 8GB.

/ M: YES

The price of the Nvidia video card in its Gaming X MSI model is S/.2,600 and with it we can play eSports titles (Dota 2, League of Legends, Valorant, etc.) with plenty of quality and also triple AAA releases. In terms of qualities, generally we will obtain averages greater than 60 frames per second in high qualities at more. But as is well known, this point depends on the graphic settings of each game.

It should be noted that for live broadcasts we can limit the quality to 60FPS so that the computer works properly, since the public in Twitch, Facebook or Youtube they will only be able to enjoy 60 FPS maximum. This is a tip to take into account.

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Then it is the turn of the random access memory (RAM). Its work is practical, but also essential, since this memory depends on how many processes we can have open at the same time or in the short term. More programs, more RAM consumption. In streaming, this is vital because we usually have several windows of different software open.

For this PC we took a pack of two memories Teamgroup Vulcan Z RAM of 16 GB (2x8GB) of type DDR4 and with a speed of 3,200 Mhz class 16. Its price is around S/.250, depending on the store. If we want to forget about everything, we can add another 16 GB set (2x8GB). Although with 16 GB we are already doing well.

Whenever we can, let’s use two memories instead of just one (2×8 pack instead of 1×16) to take advantage of technology Dual channelwhich increases their performance thanks to the simultaneous use of memories.

Teamgroup Vulcan Z 16GB 2x8

Teamgroup Vulcan Z 16GB 2×8

What about storage for games? Here we opted for a combination of SSD and HDD, with the former being a solid-state drive and the latter being traditional drives. SSD is much faster, but also more expensive than HDD. That is why we are looking for a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250 GB SSD for essential programs (S/.320) and a traditional WD 1TB drive (S/.160) for games.

This point depends a lot on the end user, since if we have the means we could look for a 1TB SSD in front and ignore an HDD. Options, several.

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The next thing has to do with energy. That’s right: the power supply. The video card, processor and other components require power, so we take the source EVGA 600W BR 80 Plus Bronze that is valued at S/.275.

We are almost at the end, since we must assemble all the parts in one place and we require a cabinet. Again, multiple brands and case types, but one of the most reliable for a mid-range is the Lian Li Lancool 215. Nice, acceptable price and recognized brand. Its price is S/.425.

After an investigation we already have our PC for streaming assembled component by component. The full price is S/.6,625. Let’s keep in mind that prices usually vary based on the dollar, so be alert!

PC Streaming Component Price
Processor Intel Core i5-13600K S/.1,550
Motherboard MSI MAG BB660M Mortar DDR4 S/.755
Refrigeration system Deepcool AK620 S/.317
Graphics card Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti S/.2,600
Storage (SSD) 250GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus S/.160
Storage (HDD) 1TB of WD S/.320
RAM Teamgroup Vulcan Z 16GB (2x8GB) S/.250
Power supply EVGA 600W BR 80 Plus Bronze S/.275
Cabinet Lian Li Lancool 215 S/. 425
Total S/.6,652

Now, we already have the PC, what’s next? Well, as you may have noticed, there are no peripherals, so the next thing to do is look for the keyboard, sound system, microphone, monitor, mouse, etc.

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