Do you want to earn more in Mario Strikers: Battle League?  5 tips to improve your game form

Mario Strikers: Battle League is the most recent installment of the Super Mario franchise and this time the main inspiration is the “king sport”. This has a way of playing soccer mixed with the classic features of previous video games: the ‘strike’ mode.

exclusive for switch, this installment faces two teams of five. The videogame allows us to use the most beloved characters of the franchiselike Mario, Peach, Toad or Yoshi, so each one will have different skills and characteristics. To this is added the customization with accessories, which modify their statistics and appearance.

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How can I get better at Mario Strikers: Battle League?

1. Position your characters well and use your accessories better. Each one has strengths and weaknesses, so you should take advantage of this when attacking or defending the goal. If one of your favorite characters is strength based, he should stay defending and not join the attack. Also, don’t look to round out their stats with accessories; instead, further increase the strengths they have so that they better fulfill their function.

two. Don’t use the items as soon as you get them. The best way to take advantage of these is the same as their use in Super Mario racing games, for example. Using them at key moments will optimize your gameplay and will also give you advantages during the game. Waiting a bit may give you better results.

3. Keep a character close to the opponent’s bow when using a ‘Super Strike’. This type of special shot will knock out the archer for a few seconds, if he manages to block the shot. Therefore, just like in football, if you have a player nearby, you can take advantage of the rebound and score a goal. Likewise, if your goalkeeper is the one who is disabled after a rival’s ‘super strike’, he positions a character nearby to take the ball out of the dangerous zone.

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Four. Understanding how the goalkeeper works can help you in attack. The goalkeepers in Mario Strikers: Battle League tend to stray too far from their goal line. By using the left analog stick back to raise the shot, you will get a high chance that the shot will go over the goalkeeper and into the goal. Also, releasing the A button just as the player’s possession turns blue will result in a “perfect” strike, increasing the probability of a goal.

5. Dodging well is paramount. Many times we forget about this function. Opponents can charge towards you and you will be able to see that they will do so because of the glowing arrows, so be aware of this. Also, if you manage to dodge at the last moment, you will get a “perfect dodge” and be rewarded with a speed boost to create better play spaces.

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