Don't know how to differentiate it?  4 ways to recognize an SMS sent by scammers

SMS were the way to communicate textually before the arrival of messaging services. Although many people still use it, this type of message is now more used for alerts or information from companies and governments, so cybercriminals they can impersonate the latter.

The easiest way to recognize if an SMS was sent by any official source is the phone number. Usually, the real information comes from short numbers that have already been used for the same purpose; while scammers use mobile numbers to try to trick their victims.

This is not always the case, many companies also use third-party services to send information and this comes from mobile numbers. Therefore, not only is it enough to review this part, but we must also take into account the following points.

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How do I recognize the SMS sent by cybercriminals?

1. Check the way you write. This type of SMS usually has spelling or grammar mistakes. Also, proper names can be misspelled, so it will be easy to recognize them. Remember that messages from companies or public entities go through a process of correcting style and errors; that is, there is very little probability that any real message of these could be poorly written.

two. The message has no relevance to you. The content of the SMS can be very general, as the cybercriminal tests to see if anyone falls for the scam. A clear example is that of having won a prize or raffle from a well-known company. In this way, if any of the scammers’ targets have participated in something, they could fall into the trap.

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3. sounds too good to be true. This point is related to the previous one. Prizes, loans or free things are usually the main hook of cybercriminals. Remember that companies or government entities do not carry out this type of event without promoting it first. If you have not participated in them, assume that you will not win any prize. Otherwise, check the list of winners on the official website.

Four. Has a great sense of urgency. These messages also insist on taking immediate action to fix a problem. The most used are thefts or insecurities in bank accounts. These SMS ask you to enter a strange link or to respond with sensitive information, which is why you should not answer and contact your bank to be sure that nothing has happened. In this way, you not only stay calmer, but also help to alert the entity that a scam is being made with your name.

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