Dota 2 Arlington Major: this is the table of positions of the tournament that will distribute US $ 500,000

The Arlington Majorlast weight tournament of the competitive season of dota 2 it’s here. 16 teams are looking to make it to the top of the tournament to win a portion of the $500,000 up for grabs. Two Peruvian teams, Thunder Awaken and Beastcoast, are the only representatives from South America. For its part, the Fnatic team has a Peruvian member, who also participates in the competition. How’s the Dota 2 Arlington Major Leaderboard going?

As you remember, the Dota 2 Arlington Major started last Thursday, August 4 and ends the Sunday 14 of the same month. Participate in the tournament 17 teams from around the world and all of them will fight to obtain a portion of the juicy economic loot of $500,000. Depending on the position that the teams obtain in the competition, they will receive different amounts of money and Dota Pro Circuit points as prizes. Below is the tournament standings.

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Arlington Major Standings

Currently, the tournament is in the group stage. The acronym VED is the count of wins, draws and losses of each team. Here is the updated Dota 2 Arlington Major standings:

Group A

Position Equipment VED
1st PSG.LGD 3-0-0
2nd Outsiders 1-3-0
2nd Royal Never Give Up 1-3-0
4th TeamLiquid 1-2-0
5th Fnatic (a Peruvian player) 0-3-1
5th Talon Esports 1-1-2
7th OG 0-2-1
7th Soniqs 0-2-2
7th Thunder Awaken (five Peruvians) 0-2-1

B Group

Position Equipment VED
1st Team Aster 2-1-0
2nd TeamSpirit 2-0-1
3rd Beastcoast (four Peruvians) 1-1-2
3rd BOOM Esports 1-1-1
3rd entity 1-1-1
3rd Evil Geniuses 1-1-2
3rd Natus Vincere 1-1-1
8th Tundra Esports 0-2-1

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tournament prizes

The tournament prize pool is $500,000 and 4,570 Dota Pro Circuit points, which are divided as follows:

Position US$ CPD Points
1st $200,000 820
2nd $100,000 740
3rd $75,000 670
4th $50,000 590
5th and 6th $25,000 515
7th and 8th $12,500 360

Where to watch the Arlington Major live

The matches will be broadcast live and officially through the channels of 4D Esports on Facebook, Twitch, Youtube and Trovo.

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