"East Med can play a strategic role in EU energy security"

In the discussion held at the 5th Athens Investment Forum between the journalist Nikos Niflis and Mr. Fabrizio Mattana, CEO, IGI POSEIDON, the Italian technocrat stated that: “In the southern corridor we saw that there is a reduction in dependence on the southern sources of Russia” , expressing the belief that “this makes it very clear that infrastructure is what allows us to access natural gas sources.”

“We must have access to the energy sources, but the infrastructure must also be strategically created,” he said and added that: “The Greece-Bulgaria Interconnection (IGB) is a good example because it allows for the further independence and security of Bulgaria.”

He estimated that “FSRUs are not sufficient infrastructure” and added that “this does not mean that we will have the natural gas at the price we want”.

Mr. Fabrizio Mattana referred in particular to the implementation of the East Med gas pipeline, expressing the belief that: “It can play a strategic role for the security of Europe. With it, we diversify the supply sources in Europe. East Med is the best infrastructure to connect these energy sources that are very close to Europe. The project is technically feasible. There are challenges, yes, but it can be done,” he said.

Source: Energypress.gr

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