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In the world of browsers, there have been no dramatic shifts in recent years, cards have been dealt. But Edge is slowly increasing his share. The browser, which occupies a prominent position in Windows, even took the title of market two, ie moved Safari to third place.

However, we are only talking about the classic computer sector. According to StatCounter, Edge recorded a 10% stake in April, while Safari was just behind it with 9.6%. If we look at the aggregate numbers, which add up all types of devices, including mobile phones, Edge is in third place with 4%.

It is thus slightly stronger than Firefox (3.4%), but significantly smaller than the second in the form of Safari (19.1%). The Apple browser is powerful on its own devices. While computers with macOS in total make up a small part of the market, the mobile company is significantly stronger on mobile phones. In addition, it provides less freedom in browser selection on mobile phones.

You install your browser on iOS, but the manufacturer does not allow competitors to bring their own rendering engine to the system.

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