EEY for the appointment of Hambiauri: Criterion is professional wage rehabilitation

Reactions were caused by the appointment of Mr. Hambiauris to the Education Service Committee from the movement of teachers to change, which characterizes this appointment as a paradox and a problem.

Speaking on the program Protoselido, Dimitris Taliadoros, said that their reaction is very normal and that the paradoxes consist in the fact that the President of the Republic himself in December 2019 judging the actions of Mr. Hambiauris at the Ministry of Education decided that he should be removed since he had cause the biggest crisis in education with a peak of 13 thousand teachers who found themselves outside the Presidential.

“This conflict was not only focused by the policies that were followed but also by the manner, the style and the abusive behavior towards the educational world that caused this reaction.”

He also noted that one of the criteria set for these appointments is the professional wage rehabilitation of some.

In closing, he said that it is evident, among other things, the absence of women and the absence of members representing the Secondary Education level, a fact that raises, not for the first time, questions about the way the members of the Education Service Committee are selected and appointed.

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