EKYSY: Asks for free bus transportation for all retirees

EKYSY continues to ask for the right to free transportation by public transport for all retirees, in a letter to the Minister of Labor, despite the satisfaction of the request for suspension of the issuance of a personalized boarding pass of retirees until the end of June.

Specifically, as stated in an announcement by EKYSY, the requests for suspension of the application of the personalized boarding pass of all retirees were satisfied, until they are informed and issue it without the cost of 5 euros, as it was applied arbitrarily initially.

“After a letter from EKYSY on April 12 to the Minister of Labor, and the Minister of Transport, and the protests of the retirees, the requests of the Retirees’ Organization for dealing with the new data imposed by the Nicosia and Larnaca and Larnaca bus companies were finally accepted. retirees “, he notes.

Specifically, it is reported that the personalized Motion BusCard boarding pass is issued to retirees, who are beneficiaries of the Low Income Retirement Aid Scheme, and to Social Security fund retirees with the necessary presentation at the offices – points of sale and issuance of the bus or bus company Identification Card of the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance, Letter of approval of the Low Retirement Benefit from the Welfare Allowance Management Service.

EKYSY states that the MotionBusCard is issued at the ticket sales / ticketing points with a demonstration of the old Low Retirement Card that had been sent by the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance or the letter of approval as beneficiaries of the Low Retirement Allowance.

The Organization also advises those low-income retirees who do not have the necessary documents to present at the points of sale of the cards, to contact the Welfare Allowance Management Service, to send them to them or to the offices of the Social Security Fund of the Ministry of Labor.

Finally, EKYSY reminds that in its letter to the Minister of Labor it asks for the right to free transfer for all retirees, however the position of the Ministry is negative. “They had this right until the summer of 2013 and it must be restored, especially now that the accuracy is high. Also, through the social card, EKYSY requests discounts for retirees in the accounts of EAC, CYTA, Water Supply, etc. “, he concludes.

Source: KYPE

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