Electric cars: this device would extend the duration of batteries with vibrations

Roadkil 5000 is the name of the device that could change the future of the mass of electric cars, which is currently progressing slowly due to the cost of generating electricity. It was presented in Las Vegas, USA.

How does it work? The device is capable of recovering the energy from the vibrations that the pavement causes on the electric vehicle. This would help improve battery life.

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Who is behind this device is the company Gig Performance. The commercial purpose is to increase the range of electric vehicles, starting with large freight trucks.

There are already other similar attempts to transform kinetic energy into electricity, although not constantly. However, the project ensures that it can be achieved, although the technical information remains a strict secret, reported the Hybrid and Electric page.

What is known is that the device is based on energy recovery systems that take advantage of the movement of sea waves.

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