Electromobility in Peru: sales of fully electric cars surpassed plug-in hybrids

There is a global race to integrate the electrified vehicles to the vehicle fleet in different countries, as a measure to reduce CO2 emissions, and our country is no stranger to this movement.

Among these vehicles there are three types: conventional hybrid cars, which combine fuel and electricity with a self-recharging battery; there are also plug-in hybrids, which use fuel and have a connection to an electric charger; and the fully electric, which does not use fuel and is the most ecological since it does not emit CO2.

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According to figures from the Peruvian Automotive Association (AAP), between January and October of this year, a total of 2,189 units were sold, reaching an increase of 113.77% compared to the same period in 2021.

With this result, it can be seen that the best-selling electrified vehicles during the first ten months of this year were conventional hybrids with 1,983 units, followed by pure electric (full electric) with 106 units, and plug-in hybrids with 100 units.

“For the first time, the share of sales of pure electric vehicles surpassed plug-in hybrids”, indicated Alberto Morisaki, Manager of Economic Studies and Statistics of the AAP. This result is also reflected in the total, since the sales of 2021 (1,455 units) have already been exceeded this year, and it is expected to close the year with 2,600 units.

They also reported that conventional hybrids still lead sales, but they have been reduced, unlike plug-in hybrids and purely electric ones have been gaining ground, going from 4.00% to 4.57% and from 2.64% to 4.84%; in each case.

Compared to other countries in the region, our country is still far behind. For example, Colombia leads the change with the sale of 23,803 electrified units so far this year.

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