Elon Musk to those who claimed that the platform would close: "Wasn't Twitter supposed to die now or something?"

Mass layoffs, people sleeping in the office and rumors of a possible bankruptcy. This description fits perfectly in the situation that Twitter is currently experiencing. However, this is actually what happened to Tesla in 2018, when Elon Musk he was struggling to build his mass-market vehicle, the Model 3.

A similar situation was experienced in the billionaire’s other company, Space X. From those suffocating experiences, Musk seems to have drawn a guide to managing his companies; They did indeed manage to outweigh the drawbacks.

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According to the entrepreneur’s experience, which he himself called the Tesla’s “production hell” has become a model for the crisis it has created on Twitterwhich it bought for $44 billion last month.

David Deak, who worked at Tesla from 2014 to 2016 as a senior engineering manager overseeing a battery materials supply chain, said Musk “clearly thrives in existential circumstances,” according to the US media. “He almost created them to light the fire under everyone,” he added.

Musk’s total commitment to a company is often inspiring, but it can also turn toxic and breed a culture of fear and scapegoating, three former Tesla and SpaceX managers said.

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