Elon Musk on the survey for the return of Donald Trump to Twitter: "The attack of 'bots' is impressive to see"

Elon Musk claims that bot accounts are voting for Donald Trump’s account not to be reinstated on Twitter. The billionaire published a survey for users to decide if the former US president should receive his profile back on the platform.

Trump poll getting more or less 1 million votes an hour!Musk posted about the poll. Minutes later, a user responded with the following: “Leftist bots who don’t want free speech are starting to attack the poll! It used to be at 80% to support your account reset, but now it’s at 52%… Stop these bots and save free speech!”.

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The billionaire responded by agreeing with the user. “The attack of ‘bots’ is impressive to see”, Musk indicated in his response. “Armies of bots and trolls could run out of steam soon. Some interesting lessons to clean up future surveys”, he added in another tweet.

Twitter returned several accounts that were suspended for various reasons. For example, comedian Kathy Griffin’s account has been reinstated as such and she has been using it ever since. The decision seems to have been made after the resignations by the employees who remained in the blue bird company.

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Musk left the reinstatement of Donald Trump’s account to the platform to a vote. At the close of this note, heThe survey already exceeds 11 million votes, with the ‘Yes’ to the return of the former president leading with 52.3%.

Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion, after months of disputes with the former owners. Since his arrival the billionaire has pushed a subscription to verify accounts, fired nearly half the workers and given an ultimatum to those who remained to work “extremely hard” or be kicked out of the company. This latest decision caused hundreds to leave their posts, causing a crisis in the company.

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