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Elon Musk stops buying Twitter until it is clear how many fake accounts exist

Elon Musk says he wants to lift Trump's ban on Twitter

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, announced today that he has decided to stop the process of buying Twitter, valued at nearly 44,000 million dollars (41,000 million euros), until he knows in more detail how many fake accounts there are on the network. Social.

“Twitter’s deal is temporarily suspended pending details supporting the estimate that fake and spam accounts account for less than 5% of users.”wrote Musk in a message posted on the same social network that you claim to be the owner of.

The news of the suspension of the purchase of Twitter has caused the stock to plunge nearly 20% to around $36.5 in continued trading ahead of Wall Street’s open.

On March 28, the Twitter board of directors accepted the acquisition offer by Musk for 44,000 million dollars, at a rate of 54.20 dollars per share, although the operation is not yet closed and must be approved by regulators.

The businessman of South African origin, very fond of this social network, has presented himself as a defender of “freedom of expression” on the platform and seems to carry that mission by flag in his acquisition.

Another of the changes that you have promised Musk If the purchase is made, it is to defeat the “spam” bots (automated accounts) that are published on this social network, as well as to combat the false accounts that are used to distort the traffic and the impact of the messages on this platform.


Elon Musk said on Tuesday that if the deal to buy Twitter goes through, he would lift the ban on former US President Donald Trump decided by the platform after the Capitol storming, a decision he calls “morally wrong” and “senseless.” (Source: AFP)
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