Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion

Billionaire Elon Musk said Tuesday that if his Twitter purchase operation is closed, he will lift the veto on the social network of former US President Donald Trump, whose account has been closed since the assault on Capitol Hill by thousands of his followers in 2021.

“I would reverse the permanent veto. But I don’t own Twitter yet, so this isn’t something that’s going to happen for sure.” Musk said in an interview on the sidelines of the car conference held on Tuesday by the Financial Times newspaper.

The CEO of Tesla described the closure of Trump’s account as a “mistake” in the opinion that it has alienated a large part of the United States and that, in addition, it did not prevent the former president (2017-2021) from continuing to communicate with his followers .

He also said that it was a “morally wrong” decision and that, while he accepts the suppression of specific messages in Twitter that violate its rules of use and that repeat offenders be temporarily suspended, does not believe that permanent bans on people should exist on the social network.

“Permanent bans should be extremely rare and reserved for accounts run by bots or engaging in aggressive advertising. I think Donald Trump’s was not the right kind of veto.”said the tycoon.

On March 28, Twitter’s board of directors accepted Musk’s takeover offer for $44 billion at $54.20 per share, although the deal still needs to be approved by regulators.

The businessman of South African origin, very fond of this social network, has presented himself as a defender of “freedom of expression” on the platform and now seems to carry that mission as a flag in his new conquest.

Trump is banned from what was his favorite social network during his Presidency. The veto occurred in January 2021, when Twitter considered that he had published messages inciting thousands of his followers to storm the US Capitol. while the inauguration of his successor and current president was celebrated, Joe Biden.

The former president has assured that even if Musk allows him to return to Twitter, he has no intention of doing so, and that he prefers to use his own social network, Truth Social, as the only channel.

“I’m not going to Twitter, I’m going to stay on Truth (truth)”, Trump said in remarks to the Fox television network in late April.

“I hope that Elon buys Twitter because it will improve it and he is a good man,” he remarked, “but I am going to stay with Truth.”


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