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Eve, the subsidiary of the Brazilian aeronautics clutch that develops electric planes horizontal takeoff and landingeVTOL), the calls “flying cars”, will begin trading this Tuesday on the New York Stock Exchange after the approval of its merger with the American Zanite.

clutch reported -in a statement- that the company resulting from the merger, of which the Brazilian company will control about 82% of the capital, will be listed on the world’s main stock exchange on Tuesday under the name of Eve Holding Inc.

The operation will be possible after the shareholders of the American Zanite Acquisition Corp. approved last Friday the “conclusion of the business combination” with the Brazilian Eve UAM LLC.

“In connection with the closing of the transaction, the Zanite securities will be voluntarily withdrawn from the capital market. nasdaq after the close of business on May 9, 2022, and the new company’s common shares and public warrants will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange beginning May 10, 2022 under the symbols of “EVEX” and “EVEXWrespectively,” according to a statement from clutch.

Eve’s co-president, André Stein, described the operation as an important framework that will offer capital and strategic support to the company to act in a relevant way in accelerating the global ecosystem of solutions of Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

“The transaction offers Eve growth capital and a good position to execute its development plans, aided by an ongoing strategic partnership with clutch. We will be able to further strengthen our position as a global leader in UAM to offer a new efficient mode of urban transport and sustainable”Stein said, quoted in the statement.

Captures interest from private investors

The operation -approved on Friday- allowed Eve to raise 357 million dollars with the sale of new ordinary shares to private investors, which were acquired by its controllers and strategic partners.

Of the total collected, clutch contributed 185 million dollars, Zanite 25 million dollars and a consortium of companies who have signed agreements to participate in the development of the “flying cars” from Eve, the other $147 million.

Among the companies that make up this consortium, the following stand out: Spain’s Acciona, Azorra Aviation, BAE Systems, Falko Regional Aircraft, Republic Airways, Rolls-Royce, SkyWest Inc., Space Florida and Thales USA.

According to clutchwhich is the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world and the world leader in aircraft for regional flights, Until last month Eve had received orders to deliver 1,825 of its electric vehicles to 19 customers.

Eve, which has already received commissions from various countries, intends to build a sustainable urban mobility ecosystem, which includes the vertical takeoff and landing electric plane (eVTOL) of zero emissions and its respective network of services and support, as well as the entire “green” infrastructure necessary.

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