Equality branch opposition for hiring contracted special police officers

The branch of the Police Corps – EQUALITY expresses its opposition to the bill on contract special police officers, stating that “our state owes the creation of a dead zone and territorial waters surveillance unit under a completely independent regime and not part of the Security Forces”.

In a statement, the branch of the Police Force – EQUALITY states that Europe does not want to hire police officers but only to secure its borders and adds that “the effort through the establishment of a new category of police officers, is not for the illegal flow of immigrants, but for use by the Police, in all departments under the pretext of covering immigration, creating increased risks for the State Security “.

He states that “if the desire of the State is sincere then an independent department should be established to fulfill this specific and unique purpose” and adds that “the recruitment of contract police officers for 28 months will not solve the problem”.

“The solution to the immigration problem could be achieved to date directly by hiring 150 permanent special police officers,” he said, adding that the leadership of the Police and the Ministry of Justice have long been aware of the operational needs of the problem and did not take care of it. do ยป.

In addition, the branch of the Police Corps – EQUALITY states that the “contractors” will be headed by police officers and adds that “it is not enough that we do not have a large number of members in the Security Corps, we will waste about 100 Constables, Sergeants and Officers to” watch out “. the contractors because they alone will not be able or will not know how to react “.

He also states, among other things, that in their recruitment criteria he does not mention anywhere psychometric examinations, by a private company, although they may be armed.

Source: KYPE

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