Eurovision 2022: Big winner Ukraine - Greece in 8th place (BINTEO)

The 66th Eurovision Song Contest ended in Turin, Italy, with a big winner being Ukraine. After a marathon night and a poll reminiscent of several thriller moments, the country that was the absolute favorite from the beginning, collected a total of 631 points.

The United Kingdom finished in second place and Spain in third.

After the vote of the committees and the public, Greece took the 8th place, collecting 215 points. Amanda Georgiadi may not have entered the top five with the ballad “Die Together”, but her presence was excellent, garnering positive comments on social media.

See in detail the total score collected by the 25 countries that competed

  • Ukraine – 631 points
  • United Kingdom – 466 points
  • Spain – 459 points
  • Sweden – 438 points
  • Serbia – 312 points
  • Italy – 268 points
  • Moldova – 253 points
  • Greece – 215 points
  • Portugal – 207 points
  • Norway – 182 points
  • Netherlands – 171 points
  • Poland – 151 points
  • Estonia – 141 points
  • Lithuania – 128 points
  • Australia – 125 points
  • Azerbaijan – 106 points
  • Switzerland – 78 points
  • Romania – 65 points
  • Belgium – 64 points
  • Armenia – 61 points
  • Finland – 38 points
  • Czech Republic – 38 points
  • Iceland – 20 points
  • France – 17 points
  • Germany – 6 points
  • Despite the Russian invasion, Ukraine managed to travel to Italy for the music competition, which this year was dedicated to peace. The great event and the final result was an opportunity to emphasize the great value of the peaceful coexistence of peoples.

    “Please help Ukraine, Mariupol. “Help Azovstal now,” shouted singer Oleh Psyuk from the stage after performing the Ukrainian band’s song.

    Watch the video with the announcement of the result

The Ukrainian participation and the next Eurovision

As it was announced a long time ago, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Swedes have offered the next Eurovision to be held in Sweden.

The Swedes had contacted the Ukrainian delegation and expressed their willingness to host the competition in Stockholm, in case Ukraine wins first place.

The song “Stefania” from the very first moment, became an informal anthem of the country, which has recently been attacked by Russian forces.

Singer Oleh Psiuk had stated about the song: “The song was written long before the war. It was dedicated to my mother, but after the invasion and the war, it took on other dimensions and many people began to identify it with Ukraine as their motherland. “It is now in the hearts of many Ukrainians and its popularity and symbolism have grown significantly.”

The evening started with “Give Peace a Chance”, carrying a strong message around the world.

One of the highlights of the competition was the appearance of last year’s Maneskin winners, who presented their new song “Supermodel”, arousing the audience once again.

The band’s frontman, Damiano David, had announced the day before on his personal Instagram account that he had a leg injury, but he reassured his fans that he would not miss the big Eurovision final for any reason.

The second place in the 66th Eurovision contest was won by the United Kingdom. Performing the song “Space Man”, TikTok star Sam Ryder was at the top of the panel preferences.

With a scene … taken from space, Sam Ryder impressed both the audience at the packed Pala Olimpico stadium and the jury. During his appearance, the singer was framed by metal structures that resembled … a spaceship.

Ryder became famous when he started posting videos with covers and karaoke songs from his home at the start of the pandemic lockdown in March 2020. By the end of the year, he had become the artist with the most popular TikTok account, counting about 7 , 7 million followers.

The main goal of the singer, as he has stated, was to connect with the audience and make people feel positivity and joy.

Performing the song “SloMo”, Chanel Terrero managed to take third place. The explosive Chanel wowed the audience in Turin, Italy both with her presence and with the impressive scene behind her with the fires and the fiery rain. During her performance, the dancers took off Chanel’s jacket and then, an explosive choreography began on the Pala Olimpico stage. Both her kinesiology on the Eurovision stage and the stage strongly reminded Greek Twitter users of the appearance of Eleni Foureira in 2018 at Eurovision, with the song “Fuego”.

Chanel Terrero is a Cuban-born singer, dancer and actress. The superstar has over a decade of experience in musical theater, having starred in productions by Lion King, Flashdance, The Bodyguard and Mamma Mia.

She has also danced on stage with Shakira at the MTV Europe 2010 Music Awards. SloMo is Chanel’s debut single and consists of a group of songwriters who have collaborated with Madonna, Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

The song of Ukraine Stefania / Kalush Orchestra

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