Facebook would change its design to compete with TikTok

The great impact it has had TikTok in the world of social networks has caused other companies to start devising strategies to compete for the audience.

It was recently announced that Reels, the short video feature that Instagram also has, would come to Facebook so that the format (which resembles that of TikTok) could catch network users. However, this would not be the only change that Meta has in mind.

According to the technology medium The Verge, Meta executives concluded that Facebook needed to completely rethink the feed and, according to information in a memorandum accessed by the same medium, the details of the strategy could be known.

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The document would indicate that instead of prioritizing posts from accounts people follow, Facebook would begin recommend posts regardless of their origin, only according to the consumption patterns of the users. Alternative that has worked for TikTok in the ‘For you’ section of the app.

On the other hand, Messenger and Facebook would once again work together and mimic TikTok’s messaging functionality.

These are modifications that would arrive exclusively for Facebook, considering that Instagram has already undergone changes in order to compete with emerging applications that represent a danger to the Meta emporium. (Newspaper: El Tiempo de Colombia)

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