The survival of the characters in the game depends on some points.  |  (Photo: Fall Guys)

Fall Guys It is now available for free on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC (through Epic Games) for all users. If they want to have a chance to stay victorious in the games, players must take into account some tips to reach the final.

The video game was released in 2020, at the height of the pandemic. Due to social isolation, people began to entertain themselves not only with movies or series, but also with games. Fall Guys then became a “boom” due to its friendly gameplay, colors and designs.. Therefore, when it was announced that it would be free for June 2022, most users jumped for joy, as they could enjoy this fun title with friends.

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How to survive in Fall Guys games?

1. follow people. If you’re new and don’t know the mechanics of one of the maps, the best thing to do is follow the crowd. In this way, you have more chances to survive, since most will know what to do. There are exceptions to this rule, as the party doesn’t always know the correct step, but this will become more noticeable as you gain more experience.

two. time your jumps. It is simpler to run directly to the finish line, but in many maps or tests you will have to dodge obstacles. Jumping at the right time will allow you to advance on the first try and without mistakes, but it could also save you from certain disqualification if you are far behind the rest. You could even generate a considerable advantage if you land a perfect jump, sometimes.

3. Learn to dive. As explained before, in some maps or tests there are obstacles. From sledgehammers trying to get you out of the way to sticks looking to knock you off your feet, these player drawbacks can be easily dodged if you learn to drop to the ground. You can even do a dive jump to go a little further or ensure you land on a platform. However, you must take into account that by doing so you will lose a little time, because when you fall and get up, your character is delayed a few seconds.

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Four. hold onto objects. Sometimes the game sets challenges such as reaching the top of a very large wall or swinging over a fence to buy more time. The jumps will not always allow us to reach that high or a very long distance, therefore, it is important to know how to hold on to objects to reach the goal. It just takes practice and memory to remember what to do during the game.

5. Sometimes you’ll have to slow down. Moving forward without stopping will not always give us the best result. Sometimes we will have to wait for the next moment to cross or climb. It is better to lose a moment and continue, than to have to redo everything and waste even more time.

6. Let the crowd take you. In some situations, there will be so many people in one place that you won’t be able to move freely. Try not to fight them, but let them carry you forward. This way, you don’t waste time falling over trying to get out of the group.

7. Falling can be useful. The simplest way to reach the finish line is to try not to fall while avoiding obstacles. However, on some occasions, it is better to fall without problems, because while some try to do the step by step, you will simply get up and continue in the race. Please note that vacuum is not an option.

The survival of the characters in the game depends on some points. | (Photo: Fall Guys)

8. play defense. Some events pit teams of different colors. The rival usually goes on the attack to try to win quickly, so his defense is usually empty. If you make sure your score stays at zero, an accurate counterattack can give you victory. Remember that it is better for your team to take the lead while you are not scoring against.

9. play dirty or not. In Fall Guys you can not only hold onto objects, but also other players. It is usually done to get another friend to the finish line or to annoy a specific player. It is best not to play dirty, because you lose valuable time to reach the goal.

10. Some tricks for different maps. In general, it’s best not to stand near the edges, as you could fall over with any push or bad move. However, for some specific maps or tests, there are some tips:

  • Door Dash: do not try to go through a door alone. It’s better if the rest hit a backdoor than you just move on.
  • Knight Fever: try to stay in the middle of the road to time your exit. This way, you will avoid at least one of the pendulums. You can also jump over the small holes and not go all the way around.
  • The Whirlygig: A well-timed dive can save you from being thrown over the revolving fence.
  • See Saw: try to stay in the middle of the platform to control the weight. In this way, you will anticipate which way it will lean and where you will have to advance.
  • perfect match: If you do not think you can remember all the objects that appear on the platforms, it is best to focus on the ones that are close to you. That way, you can go to the right one more easily.

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