FIFA Player, the app used by the Qatar 2022 World Cup players to know their performance

Qatar 2022 players can get information about their performance on the pitch through the app FIFA Player. The highest soccer body worldwide has the objective of taking advantage of technology for the benefit of the king of sports.

The application It has been developed based on the recommendations of professional footballers and in collaboration with FIFPRO, the organization that represents them worldwide, and used for the first time in a FIFA World Cup in the Qatar edition. Judging from the survey and interviews conducted, players show great interest in their performance data and want the option to easily access this information.

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The application offers each player the opportunity to obtain individual data on your performance shortly after each match. The data collected includes the following information:

  • Optimized soccer data parameters: are calculated from optimized match data captured by a team of highly trained FIFA performance analysts and combined with monitoring data; For example, if a player offers or makes a movement to receive, breaks the rival lines by distributing the ball, or pressuring an opponent in possession of the ball. All parameters are compiled in relation to the definitions included in the FIFA Football Language.
  • Physical performance parameters: are collected by a tracking system in the stadium. This highly accurate system consists of multiple cameras positioned around the pitch to maximize player coverage. These parameters, which include the distance traveled according to various speed thresholds, the number of actions over 25km/h and the maximum speed reached, are displayed in action maps by position.
  • Optimized football intelligence parameters: Created by FIFA’s Football Performance Insights and Analytics team, by developing a series of algorithms and models that work in real time to integrate match and tracking data. The new parameters offer innovative and exciting ways to analyze what is happening on the field, such as the phase of play, the crossing of lines, the points where the ball is received and the pressure placed on the player in possession.

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Subsequently, this data is synchronized with the images of the matchso that players can see in detail all the key moments of their performance from different camera angles.

Also, players have at their disposal various action photos taken during key moments of each FIFA World Cup matchwhich they can save or share on social media, along with their favorite match stats, directly from the app.

Players can access the FIFA Player application from their arrival in Qatar to play the World Cup. The app was successfully tested with players from different teams during the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup and was introduced to the participating teams in the FIFA World Cup during the recent briefing in Doha.

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