Final with a draw for the Youth National Team

With a 0-0 draw today, our National Youth team completed its obligations in the 3rd group of the qualifying phase of the European U-19 Championship.

Against Kosovo at the Linköping Arena, our national team drew and reached two points from equal draws.

Sasha Yovanovitch used Kyriakou, Kyriakides (86′ Zenonos), Giamas (46′ Feneridis), Evangelos, Caiaphas, Venizelos, Delifer, Vrontis (46′ Asimeno), Themistokleous (46′ Tsoutsoukis), Savva, Georgiou (76′ Orthodoxou ).

At NYA Parken-Norrkoping, leaders Ukraine beat hosts Sweden 2-0 to take all the games to nine points.

Ukraine and Sweden advanced to the Elite Round.

The previous matches in the 3rd group:

1st matchday (17/11)

Sweden – Cyprus 0-0

Ukraine – Kosovo 1-0

2nd matchday (20/11)

Ukraine – Cyprus 4-1

Sweden – Kosovo 3-0


1. Ukraine 7-1 9
2. Sweden 3-2 4
3. Cyprus 1-4 2
4. Kosovo 0-4 1

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