Finland to Russia: Ready to respond even to military pressure

Finland is ready to respond, if necessary, to any kind of Russian pressure or retaliation for its intention to join NATO, “lifting the glove” thrown by Russia in the last hours.

It is noted that the Kremlin has already announced that it will cut off electricity supply to Helsinki from tomorrow, Saturday.

Responding to the threats, the Finnish Foreign Ministry said in a statement to the American magazine Newsweek that Finland “is a sovereign state and takes independent decisions on its security and defense.”

“Finland is aware of the various challenges involved in the NATO accession process and is prepared for a variety of hybrid threats, cyber threats and military means of pressure,” the Finnish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Are they even preparing for a… nuclear attack?

In fact, Helsinki even seems to be preparing for a nuclear attack by the Kremlin!

According to a report by the British Daily Mail, 500 specially constructed underground forts have been prepared in the Finnish capital, which can accommodate up to 900,000 inhabitants – more than a third of the population of Helsinki.


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