Firefox activates its total protection against 'cookies' for all its users

MozillaFirefox has boasted of being the most secure browser on the market by enabling its total protection against ‘cookies’ (Total Cookie Protection) by default, which it isolates in ‘jars’ to shield the user’s privacy.

The company has announced the extension of the reach of this solution to its entire Firefox user base on its blog. In addition, he states that it is his shield for privacy “strongest to date”, which allows you to introduce yourself as “the most private and secure main browser” of Windows, Mac and Linux.

The tool has been previously tested in the Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) Stric Mode, or strict mode of enhanced protection against tracking, and in private browsing windows since 2021. Subsequently, it has been implemented in Firefox Focus, the browser with privacy protection. automatic ad tracking and blocking, early in the year.

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This total protection tool against ‘cookies’ ensures shield the user from tracking their activity on the Internet without sacrificing your browsing experience.

To do this, it creates a separate ‘cookie jar’ each time the Internet user visits a web page, that is, “limits ‘cookies’ to the site where they were created”, as detailed from Mozilla. By isolating one container from another, the trackers are unable to relate user behavior across multiple sites, and only have their information when visiting a particular site.

Mozilla claims that this solution acts every time a website or third-party content embedded in a page deposits a ‘cookie’ in the user’s browser. Furthermore, neither can reach the ‘jar’ that does not belong to them, which reduces the Internet user’s exposure when browsing.

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Full cookie protection also improves the performance of previous Firefox tools. This is the case of the ETP or enhanced protection against tracking. This tool was launched in 2018 and blocks third-party trackers and cookies based on a list, which is precisely the great limitation of this initiative, which does not protect against anything outside of it.

Mozilla’s first measure to shield Internet user privacy dates back to 2015, when Tracking Protection was launched, a function that protected Firefox users from being tracked when entering private browsing mode.

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