First victory for Achilleas Kaimakliou

Achilleas Kaimakliou achieved his first victory this season, winning away from ENP with 66-57, in the 6th game of the OPAP Basket League. Lenell D Henry led the way for the winners with 13 points, 2 three-pointers, 11 rebounds and 2 assists. Robert Glasper (14 points, 1 three-pointer, 7 rebounds, 5 assists) and Kason Louis Harrell (16 points, 2 three-pointers, 6 rebounds, 4 assists) also had double-digit points.

In the 4th minute, Achilleas Kaimakliou with Harrell’s three-pointer had a lead of seven points (4-11), with Union going ahead and in the 7th minute with Kinard’s layup, it had a three-point difference (16-13). The first period ended after two 3-pointers, one for each team (by Alok for the home team and Simmons for the away team), tied 21-21.

Halfway through the second quarter, the two teams were separated by one point (28-29) after Alok’s basket, with Achillea ending the first half with a seven-point streak and after Harrell’s layup at 19′ leading by eight points (28-36).

In the 12th minute, the “crimson” reduced to four (34-38) with a layup by Solomos, with the guests gaining a double-digit difference (34-44) in the 34th minute with a layup by Christoudias. The third period ended with a three-pointer from Harrell (41-50).

Achilleas kept its lead in the fourth quarter as well, with the difference at the end of the game showing no change, since both the Kaimaklion team and the Paralimni team scored 16 points each. Thus, the visitors with a score of 66-57 made a save in the victories.

THE DECADES: 21-21, 28-36, 41-50, 57-66

Union (Zakis Papadopoulos)

Mckissic 9 (2), Alok 13 (1), Cook 10, Solomou 6, Pirillis 4, Zantis, Charalambous, Kinard 12 (1), Konstantinou

Achilleas Kaimakliou (Kyriakos Giagoullis)

Henry 13 (2), Ieronymides 5, Christoudias 5 (1), Glasper 14 (1), Harrell 16 (2), Simmons 13 (1), Ximonas, Georgakoudis

From KOK website

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