Floods in Mandra: 8 accused guilty - Rena Dourou and 12 others are innocent

Former regional governor Rena Dourou and twelve other people accused of the deadly flood in Mandra in 2017 with 25 dead were acquitted by the three-member criminal court, while a majority of eight other accused were found guilty.

The court, after many months of proceedings, by a unanimous decision acquitted twelve defendants for all the offenses that had been pronounced against them. These are employees of the forest department, the then mayor of Megara, the then mayor of Elefsina, urban planning officials and employees of the stream policing committee.

In the case of Rena Dourou, the court unanimously acquitted her of the offense of breach of duty and, by a majority of two to one, acquitted her of the acts of flood by omission of a person liable for homicide and bodily harm by negligence.

The court found eight defendants guilty by a majority, including two deputy governors, the then mayor of Mandra, foresters and officials of town planning and stream policing.

The guilt for the eight concerns on a case-by-case basis the offenses of flood, homicide and negligent bodily harm, while they too were unanimously acquitted of the act of breach of duty.

The process continues and the court decision on the sentences is expected within the day.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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