Frederick and Western Macedonia Universities: Master in Intercultural Studies

New, Innovative and Innovative Master in Education “Intercultural Studies and Greek as a 2nd Language” (3 semesters – 90 ECTS)

The Frederick University announces the successful evaluation and certification by the Quality Assurance and Certification Body of Higher Education (DIPAE), after a thorough evaluation by a committee of experts, of a new distance undergraduate Master’s Degree Program with Master’s degree “Intercultural Studies and Greek as a Second Language”. The program will start operating next academic year (2022-2023) and will be offered in collaboration with the Departments of Education of Frederick University and the University of Western Macedonia.

This is a new, innovative curriculum, unique in its kind in Cyprus and Greece, which is addressed to both teachers and people whose professional occupation requires increased intercultural awareness, but also to every modern person who would like to delve into issues. interculturalism.

The purpose of the program is the specialized scientific knowledge, the training and the deepening in the various theories but also in the aims of an intercultural education. In addition, the program aims to acquire skills that will contribute to constructive coexistence in a multicultural social environment not only through the acceptance and respect of the different, but also through the recognition of cultural identity, through a daily effort of dialogue, understanding and cooperation. . The parallel goal of the program is the specialization of the participants / subjects in important issues of theory and practice for the teaching of Greek as a second / foreign language and the approach of modern principles, methods and techniques of teaching to people with different communication, emotional and learning needs, individual learning, skills and cultural references (religion, customs, habits, values, etc.). Graduates of the program will have acquired the skills that contribute to constructive coexistence within a multicultural society by exploiting the diversity of cultures and preventing the formation of stereotypes and prejudices towards individuals and cultures by overcoming any form of ethnocentric treatment.

Referring to the cooperation between the two Universities and their joint curriculum, the Rector of Frederick University, Prof. George Demosthenous, stated: “This curriculum was developed within the framework of a special protocol agreed between Frederick University and the University of Western Macedonia. I warmly thank my colleague Professor Theodoros Theodoulidis, Rector of the University of Western Macedonia for our excellent cooperation and I congratulate all my fellow academic staff from both Universities who worked methodically and with a high sense of responsibility for the program and its responsible design. This program highlights the importance of understanding interculturalism at a time when the mobility of diverse population groups is intensifying and the daily lives of more and more people require coexistence with people of other peoples, languages, cultures. “As Frederick University, we are particularly proud of the Department of Education and its faculty members, for their success and for their many years of offering high quality teaching and research in education.”

For more information about the program visit the university website or contact the Admissions Office in Nicosia (22394394) or Limassol (25730975) or by email at [email protected]

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