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Steam and GOG – Czech & Slovak Games Sale

We have already written about the festival of Czech and Slovak games several times this week. We must not forget to include it in our discounts. On Steam and GOG you can currently find games from domestic creators at very reasonable prices. The Amanita Design studio is represented here several times. You can’t go wrong with their work. We can recommend, for example Samorost 3 ($5), Chuchel ($4) or a puzzle platformer Creaks ($7).

At the presentation connected with the festival, a novelty from the FiolaSoft studio appeared. But its release is still far away, so you still have plenty of time to humble yourself Blackhole ($1.8). At first glance, this jumper may seem simple. But thanks to the clever gravity switching system, some levels can be quite a pain. For a dollar, you can upgrade the game to the full edition, in which, in addition to DLC, you will also find a digital artbook or developer diaries.

In addition to games from recent years, Czech classics are also discounted. Strategy Original War ($1) it still manages to hold its own in the genre, even though it was released at the beginning of the millennium. Right next to it is an action shooter El Matador ($1), which is not called the Czech Max Payne for nothing. The creators from Plastic Reality Technologies have borrowed time slowing down while jumping.

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