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Free tech courses with job opportunities: the best options offered by the Government platform

The main courses available.

Lack of time is no longer an excuse to learn something new. The variety of online courses allows those interested to accommodate schedules easily and choose the one that best suits their needs. An excellent alternative and free of charge are the variants offered by the ICT Training Directorate of the Undersecretary of Services and National Digital Country.

This is the platform Virtual Learning (PAV) that virtually delivers 20 courses in its section of “Job skills”among which basic programming concepts are taught up to the basics on how to put together a CV.

The courses are based on a wide variety of learning and teaching systems, oriented to current market trends and the demands of the main jobs.

In neither case is it necessary to have previous knowledge. The courses are virtual. self-assisted, free and certified.

The main courses available.

The grid provided by the National Government is quite broad and many technological options are included in it. From something advanced like algorithm programming to marketing strategies for the self-employed.

One of the most popular is “Web Programming” which teaches how to build a website using CSS and HTML languages. It delves into what HTML is, how to use it, how to code with CSS with HTML, and how to create a form with HTML. Total lasts about 40 hours and a certificate of completion is awarded.

Another interesting option is the “Basic principles of graphic design”. It provides an introduction to the principles and basic elements of visual communication to put into practice in work or personal life. lasts 12 hours.

Virtual Learning Platform (PAV): other courses available

  • Digital Marketing Strategies.
  • Power your craft: digital tools to grow online.
  • Job search and preparation of CV.
  • Gimp for Image Creation.
  • Create your first App with MIT Inventor.
  • Artisan undertakings: textiles.
  • Financial Management of Entrepreneurship – FONCAP.
  • Digital Entrepreneurs.
  • Cultural Management.
  • From Scratch with MySQL: Database Management.
  • People Centered Design.
  • Good practices for remote work.
  • Moments of truth in an SME.
  • Quality of service.
  • Effective time management in family businesses.
  • Journalism and communication.
  • Negotiation techniques.

In complementary ways, PAV has more than 60 courses that cover a wide variety of topics related to digital inclusion, gender, job skills, citizenship and human rights, and are aimed at the entire community.

To enroll in any of the options mentioned, it is necessary to Innovation Campus and sign in with an account My Argentina. Interested people can also approach their nearest Digital Point by searching for it in

The PAV is a public policy aimed at inclusion and innovation, supported and promoted by the Secretariat of Technological Innovation of the Public Sector of the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers.


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