Germany is investigating hundreds of possible war crimes in Ukraine

Police in Germany said Saturday they were investigating several hundred possible war crimes by Russia in Ukraine, including of political and military officials suspected of involvement in alleged crimes.

According to the French News Agency, in a statement to the newspaper Welt am Sontag, the head of the federal police, Holger Ments, said that “so far we have received a three-digit number of data”.

The investigation covers not only the suspects as war crimes perpetrators but also political and military officials, he said.

“It is the most difficult part of our research, a complex task,” he added.

“Our clear goal is to identify those responsible for atrocities, to prove their actions through our investigations and to bring them to justice,” he said.

The country exercises universal jurisdiction that allows a foreign country to bring to justice crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide, regardless of what has been committed.

However, this “may take time” because war-related investigations in Ukraine are in “very early stages”, he said.

Source: KYPE

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