Germany: The theft of Ukrainian grain from the Russian army is "disgusting"

The German Agriculture Minister described as “disgusting” the theft of grain by Russian forces in Ukraine, on the sidelines of the G7 summit on offering assistance to Kyiv to export its production.

“Russia is stealing and confiscating goods and grain in eastern Ukraine,” said Cem Ezdemir, a spokesman for Ukrainian counterpart Mykola Solski.

“The two agriculture ministers also discussed ways to help save the crop by rail, road and across the Danube,” said Cem Ezdemir. Ukraine, a major producer of agricultural products.

The European Commission presented a plan yesterday to help Ukraine export its production by activating all cargo transport capabilities, an issue that will also be the focus of talks at the G7 Ministerial Meeting (Germany, France, Italy, Canada, USA, Japan and the United Kingdom).

“The situation in Ukraine is complicated in terms of grain exports,” explained Nikolai Solski, reiterating that 20 million tonnes must be removed from the silos next quarter to make room for the new crop.

“We can not resolve this issue on our own and we must work to lift the blockade of Black Sea ports and restore logistics links with Baltic ports,” he said.

Fertile Ukraine was the fourth largest corn exporter in the world before the Russian invasion and very close to occupying third place in wheat exports.

German finance minister backs use of Russian state resources to rebuild Ukraine

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said today that he was in favor of financing the reconstruction of post-war Ukraine with confiscated Russian state funds, according to an interview published in the German magazine Der Spiegel.

“As far as Russian state resources are concerned, my sense of justice is in favor of ‘using them to rebuild Ukraine,'” Lindner said, adding that such a move needed to be legally considered.

“In the case of private resources, it would be expropriation. The obstacles to that are great,” he added.

G7 finance ministers are set to discuss funding for Ukraine’s reconstruction at a meeting in Germany next week.

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