Raspberries are gone.  You can't buy a Raspberry Pi now, the company doesn't have time to produce

The long-running crisis, where Raspberry Pi minicomputers are either unavailable or at multiples of their original prices, should end by this time next year. Eben Upton, head of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, talked about it recently interview for Micro Center.

The huge interest in raspberry computers started during covid and the interest has not decreased since then. However, the composition of end customers has changed. As late as 2020, the British manufacturer claimed that around 40% of sales came from industrial sectors. Now Upton mentioned that the industry will swallow 60 to 70% of the Raspberry Pi.

So there will be less for home improvement. That’s why the RPi 400 variants integrated in the keyboard are much more affordable, because they are already difficult to deploy in servers and various embedded solutions due to the chosen format.

Upton also looked lightly into the future. According to him, the potential Raspberry Pi will offer a faster processor and graphics circuit, and applications based on machine learning should also benefit from higher performance. However, this is nothing that surprises us. The new generation was always faster than the previous one. Fans would rather be interested in when it will arrive, how much it will cost and if it will already have a dedicated connector for connecting more reliable storage than a microSD card.

Manufacturers of other single-board computers such as Odroid, Banana Pi or Rock Pi can still benefit from the lack of RPi, but there is not such a strong community of users and developers around them.

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