What will happen to Twitter?  - #VideosEC

How was it Internet almost 30 years ago? Many of the pages that we use today, and that are practically essential for our lives, did not even exist. The history of world Wide Web it was so recent that only a few people had access.

It would take a few more years for Internet booths to become massive and then go from huge computers to small smartphones.

Thus, a graph published on the Reddit page shows this evolution of user preferences that is really surprising and even full of nostalgia. It was created by James Eagle and its sources are SEMRush, Google Analytics, Statista, among others.

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AOL (America On Line), Prodigy or Compuserve were the best-known Internet service companies in 1993, before the appearance of directories and search engines. In this case, the rapid rise of Yahoo! can be noted, followed by others such as Lycos, Excite or MSN.

It is from the year 2000 that the total domain of Yahoo! begins, leaving behind AOL, MSN, ebay, BBC, Lycos, About.com, Amazon, Cnet, Excite. That is the moment when you change the preferences for the search engines. But a couple of years ago Google would make its appearance and it would not be until 2006 when it became the benchmark to this day.

What about social networks and digital platforms? That history would begin to be written in 2008, with the appearance of YouTube and Facebook, occupying the first positions in the preferences. For the next decade Twitter and Instagram would enter the competition.

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Another important detail is the appearance of Wikipedia, a free access and collaborative encyclopedia. On the other hand, at the end of the last decade, adult entertainment also gained prominence. The Xvideos website has been positioned since 2019 in the preferences of the public.

That is the result until January 2022. But, what will the future be like with the appearance of new platforms such as TikTok, Onlyfans, Twich, among other brands? Time will tell, and maybe in another 30 years we won’t even remember some of these options.

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