Google Maps: discover what its new nearby traffic widget will look like

A new widget is coming to Google Maps: the nearby traffic widget. Currently the application has six widgets with which you can access specific functions of the app with just one touch.

Although these tools had been somewhat forgotten, thanks to the arrival of Android 12 and its Material You interface, Google has confirmed the launch of 35 widgets for its Android operating system.

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At this time to access the nearby traffic function of Google Maps You have to do it by entering from a direct access that opens the app. But now it can be seen directly from the home screen of our cell phone, just as it has been happening for months with iOS.

In this way, on our initial screen we can access the traffic information for the current location. And as it happens until now, the widget will represent the traffic status with green, orange and red lines. We will be able to touch the widget’s magnifying glass button to zoom in or out of the map, something that is not possible in the iOS widget.

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