The first public beta of Android 13 has been released. The news is only minor but practical so far

The traditional May Google I / O event will have a much stronger mobile reach this year than in previous years. The two-day “Google Feast” will start tomorrow, at which the American giant will show us its software and, most importantly, hardware innovations. What to look forward to? Google will certainly reveal the details and new features of Android 13, but we will be much more interested in new mobile devices. And there could be several!

More details of Android 13 – one hundred percent

The Google I / O event is primarily for developers, so it’s clear that the US giant will spend most of its time on the latest version of Android. Google released the first Developer Preview in February, which it will gradually improve, with the final version of the system reaching Pixels sometime in the third quarter of this year. The so-called open beta was released only recently.

And the news, the acquaintances, there are already a lot. The new version of Android will shine light on the abuse of the Accessibility API, for example. We were able to try other, so far rather cosmetic changes in the public beta version of the system. There are supposed to be four bets in total, and we expect Google to outline the pace at which it will add all the new features. And Google should introduce all the news in more detail tomorrow.

Pixel Watch – a sure bet

The leaks of recent weeks, including the “accidental” forgetting of the restaurant’s watch, suggest that the announcement of Google’s first smart watch is literally around the corner. The watch should be available in two body sizes and in four color combinations. You can read the details of the watch in a separate article.

However, much more interesting will be the watch “overlap” that current users of watches with the already relatively obsolete Wear OS 2 are waiting for. Pixel Watch will run on pure version Wear OS 3.1, and we expect Google to finally confirm the update of older watches to the new version who need it like salt.

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Pixel Watch (middle), and their comparison with Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch4

And who knows, for example, Google will finally announce with great pomp the addition of Google Assistant to the Galaxy Watch4 from Samsung, which has surprisingly been missing from them from the very beginning. Bixby is just a modest substitute for him.

Google Pixel 6a – very likely

New “A” Pixels are not commonly introduced at the Google I / O event in May, but that should change soon. Pixel 6a should take over the design of the current Pixel 6 series, the same Tensor processor is also expected.

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Renders Pixel 6a (Fig .: 91mobiles)

And where will it be saved? Apparently for memories and cameras, the display used so far has a question mark. It is said to be a 6.2 “AMOLED that will support a maximum 90Hz refresh rate. The back cover should not be glass but plastic. Below it should be a 4,800mAh battery with 30W rechargeable support. Pixel 6a should not go on sale right away. after its announcement, but only during July.

Pixel 6a seamlessly follows Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro:

Google Pixel Fold – probably just a tasting

Pixel Fold, Google’s first jigsaw puzzle, was talked about earlier this year, and since then the flow of information has subsided. The device is supposed to be very close to the folding Galaxy Z Fold3 on Samsung, but it has to offer a rather square body. When the phone is opened, the 7.6 “display with a 7: 8 aspect ratio should peek out at the user.

The phone should run Android 12L, which is tailored for puzzles and tablets with large screens. However, the question is whether, at the time of the “premiere” of Android 13, Google will return to an older version of Android. Rather, we expect Google to incorporate the software news from this system into Android 13, and will launch its first jigsaw puzzle in the fall, along with its final release.

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Pixel Fold should resemble Galaxy Z Fold3 in many ways, but it should not be so stretched in height

But Google could at least lure the puzzle tomorrow, so we could see concept sketches or at least print photos. And on top of that, we could find out the schedule of updates on Android 12L for selected puzzles.

The introductory Keynote, on which Google summarizes all the hardware and software news, will take place tomorrow, ie. May 11, from 7:00 p.m. Central European Time. You can watch her on the Google I / O website, on the Google YouTube channel or right here in our article:

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