Google Play Store: they identify malware that disguises itself in a task app to steal bank accounts

It was recently revealed that an aggressive virus trojan is stalking the devices Androidalthough it is a vulnerability that had already attacked cell phones some time ago.

The virus goes directly to bank accounts and loots the money that is deposited there. The vulnerability, baptized as Xenomorphhas the ability to track the keys and with them enter the banking applications.

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What is known so far is that it is hidden within an application that It is available on the Play Store, Google’s app store. The tool in which the virus is hidden is called ‘All: Day manager’ an alternative that proposes to function as an agenda to organize the activities of the week.

How does it work?

The form of attack may vary, initially the application may trigger a screen recording, also send text messages or even memorize what the keystrokes are to remember the keys of the banking tools. One recommendation is to strengthen the means of security and identity verification, for example with fingerprints or facial recognition, mechanisms with which viruses can be contained and thus theft can be avoided.

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