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Director Tim Miller became famous above all the first Deadpool. Due to creative disagreements, he did not shoot the second one, so he embarked on other projects, one of which is an anthology of short animated films, which under the name Love, Death & Robots created for Netflix.

The first series from 2019 combines fantasy, horror, sci-fi, but also comedy, it had 18 episodes and was filmed by a number of well-known creators under the auspices of Tim Miller. The individual parts have a modest length of 6 to 17 minutes, however, this is a very successful project, where individual creators were able to unleash their imagination and creativity, while thanks to freedom in form, workmanship and length, some parts are really excellent and overall is the first range highly above average.

The second series was released last year (2021), had 8 episodes and again short films are among the more successful, however, the quality of ideas for some parts was a hair lower than in the first series.

Netflix planned the premiere of the third series for May, more precisely on May 20th, and we will again receive 8 episodes, the quality of which is guaranteed by the creative duo Tim Miller and Jennifer Yuh (she shot animators Kung-Fu Panda 2 and 3).

Special: Netflix

Netflix is ​​a popular video streaming service. In addition to the movies, series and documentaries he buys, he also produces his own content. There are also many popular Czech films, a large part of foreign production contains Czech subtitles, some titles also have Czech dubbing.

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