Guardiola: "Evra said that bass and work at United"

Patrice Evra stole the show speaking on Tuesday (10/5) in Madrid “Marca” after being asked to comment on the failure of Manchester City to win the Champions League, said that Pep Guardiola does not want to have players with personality but to be him the leader, something that the citizens “pay for” in difficult times.

As expected, the English journalists did not miss the opportunity and conveyed to Guardiola the statements of the French veteran back, in the context of a press conference he gave for the match with the Wolves, with the Catalan “slaughtering the former Yunas player with the cotton” arguing among other things that he is looking to find a place in the red devils.

“I do not want celebrities on the field? Well. I do not agree Patrice. I need personalities and good players on the field. I did not read it or know what he said.

But, I had good and incredible players in the past, as a coach in Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and here in Manchester City. I could give a good list in terms of their personality and character.

Most of them have won World Cups, European Championships, Champions League and many other titles. Maybe Evra is right or maybe he makes a good offer to return to Manchester United to work there.

Maybe there is a good chance now. Patrice, if we were together we would have a beer and I would show you the personality and character of my players that we have in the team at the moment“, Guardiola emphasized characteristically.

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